Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Road trip to life....

Life is like a road trip, and traveling is like working towards a goal.Imagine that you are traveling to mountains, you start from your home which is located in a busy town and fight through a lot of traffic to reach the free way and then you find a smooth road…just remember it is the right time to hit the gas and go full throttle, because when you again enter a city you would have to slow down, so go all guns blazing when you think the time is favoring you things are happening for you... luck is favoring you …. and never look back….smooth patches or good roads (people in India would relate to it) do not come your way often, so when ever you feel there is a smooth patch(opportunity) in the journey of your life just do not think much about the outcome and do your bit and you would realize you have made a great leap towards your goal, it is for sure that obstacles and hindrances will come in your way like speed breakers and pot holes, so make sure you take good leverage out of this free way, as this can boost your speed towards your goal (personal or professional) and shorten the tenure in achieving it.


  1. Nice read and title can be better.

  2. A nice start bhaiya hope to see many more overtaking excerpts from u :) cheers