Friday, March 2, 2012

Is your life out of sync?

Ranbir always wears a seat belt but jump reds lights.

Govinda on his way back from gym stops buy Aggarwal sweets to have jalebis.

Shakti just celebrated his 30th wedding anniversary and is sleeping with his secy.

Tina donated big moolah at a social event and then negotiated hard with domestic help over salary.

Acts done consciously are more controlled than unconscious ones. In case we are trying to build a good habit  or trying to shun a bad one, it is imperative that unconscious behavior related to these habits is also taken care. People who are mostly on autopilot find it difficult to adapt to changing environments. For instance Salman wants to be a kind and loving partner. Yet he has developed habits and reactions that mean he acts in cold or uncaring ways. 

If we are aware of our auto pilot reactions its easier to bridge these gaps and bring them into alignment. 

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